Wednesday 12 December 2018

SESSION 1: 14.00-16.00

Moderator: P.L. Antignani
Clinical Anatomy A. Caggiati
Comment F. Uhl

Moderator: L. Aluigi
WORKSHOP 1: Clinical imaging (1 case: study of superficial vein) N. Labropoulos
WORKSHOP 2: Clinical imaging (1 case: study of deep vein) N. Labropoulos
Comment F. Uhl

SESSION 2: 16.00-18.00

Moderator: P.L. Antignani – L. Aluigi
WORKSHOP 3: Physical exam with consultation for 3 patients: Young phlebologists will perform the exam with faculty supervision D.Bissacco,  S.Oberto,  S.Onida, N. Pappas
Comment D. Kontothanassis, R. Parisi, N. Labropoulos


Thursday 13 December 2018

SESSION 3: 8.00-9.00

Moderators: L. Aluigi, D. Bissacco
Treatment of superficial veins G.B. Agus
Comment D. Kontothanassis
– 2 clinical cases for discussion superficial treatment N.Labropoulos
– 2 Operation Glue and Laser D. Kontothanassis

SESSION 4: 9.00-11.00

Moderators: D. Kontothanassis – C. Lattimer
Use of compression (stockings and bandages) G. Mosti
Comment S. Giannesini
– Demonstration of technique of bandage (2 patients) N.Labropoulos
– Inelastic compression G. Mosti
– Elastic compression S. Gianesini
Comment Lattimer – D. Kontothanassis

SESSION 5: 11.00-13.00

Moderator: A. Caggiati, E. Kalodiki
Underwater compression C. Lattimer
Pletismography results G. Bergamo
Clinical presentation and results of Underwater Compression group D. Kontothanassis, S. Oberto
Comment A. Caggiati
WORKSHOP 7: Management of Lymphatic patient T. Baroncelli
Lymphatic patient: structure of the rehabilitative path (video) S. Oberto
Clinical presentation from the pool F. Urru
Comment G. Marangon

13.00-14.00 Lunch


SESSION 6: 14.00-16.00

Moderators: R. Parisi – G. Avruscio
VTE Lessons learned:
– Trombophilia P. Simioni
– Superficial vein thrombosis G. Camporese
– Proximal deep vein thrombosis R. Pesavento
– Distal deep vein thrombosis R. Parisi
Comment N. Labropoulos, P.L. Antignani
WORKSHOP 8: SVT /DVT/ PE – 3 Clinical cases D.Kontothanassis, L. Aluigi, D. Mastroiacovo
Comment N. Labropoulos


SESSION 7: 16.00-18.00

Moderator: L. Aluigi – P.L. Antignani
Post-thrombotic disease O. Maleti
Comment M.Lugli
Systematic review on PTS S. Onida
WORKSHOP 9: Management of PTS (2 clinical cases) N. Labropoulos
Comment O. Maleti, M. Lugli
Lecture: pharmacological treatment in PTS S. Oberto


Friday 14 December 2018

SESSION 8: 8.00-10.00

Moderators: D. Kontothanassis – S. Oberto
Combined superficial and deep vein disease N.Sikalas
Comment A.Gasparis
WORKSHOP 10: Superficial reflux and deep reflux iliac obstruction (2 clinical cases) N.Labropoulos
WORKSHOP 11: Venous drainage index (live cases) C. Lattimer
Comment E. Kalodiki


SESSION 9: 10.00-12.00

Moderators: A. Gasparis – N. Labropoulos
Abdominal and pelvic reflux and obstruction L.Altarazy
WORKSHOP 12: Pelvic vein reflux, iliac vein obstruction and Vascular Malformation (clinical case) D.Kontothanassis
Comment A.Gasparis
The VenoPed Study R. Villaminar
WORKSHOP 13: Baropodometric static and dynamic foot analysis N. Pappas
Comment D. Kontothanassis, L. Berti


SESSION 10: 12.00-13.00

Moderators: S. Gianesini, D. Kontothanassis
WORKSHOP 14: Sclerotherapy procedure and carboxitherapy A. Cavallini
WORKSHOP 15: Laser procedure M. Sabati
Comment A. Gasparis, R.S. Ferrari, N. Sikalas
Consent inform M. Cappellini

13.00-14.00 Lunch



14.00-16.00: Current issues on venous disease N.Labropoulos, A.Gasparis, G.Camporese, S.Onida

16.00-18.00: Working Groups focused on new studies based on what do we need to learn All faulty engaged



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