Phlebosophy 23-24 September, Venice
President: Dimitrios Kontothanassis
Co Directors: Roberto Parisi, Giuseppe Camporese
Scientific secratariat: Patrizia De Zolt
Organizing secretariat: Congress Studio Venezia International

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Friday, 23rd September

8.00-9.19 Opening ceremony  and presentation of Phlebosophy  Moderator: Giuseppe Camporese, Roberto Parisi
8.00-8.39 Registration
8.40-8.49 The reason  we built Phlebosophy; the importance to create network in phlebology Dimitrios Kontothanassis
8.50-8.59 Scientific Network and Confirmo: offering new instruments for specialists in  phlebology Mattia Donato
9.00-9.09 Medical writing in phlebology: presentation of a new Medical  Journal: Endothelium Facta Valentina Sedda
9.10-9.19 E-learning in phlebology: the smart platform that helps you avoiding a pre-breakfast symposium Steve Elias
9.20-9.39 Lecture 1: History of Phlebology Panagiotis Ballas presented by Dimitrios Kontothanassis
9.40-10.39 Session 1 CEAP Moderator: Pier Luigi Antignani, Giampiero Avruscio
9.40-9.49 Venous anatomy of inferior limbs Alberto Caggiati
9.50-9.59 Venous Symptoms: is everything clear? Christopher Lattimer
10.00-10.09 Venous pain: is it really a vein symptom? Roberta Ravenni
10.10-10.19 How to perform venous consultation Dimitrios Kontothanassis
10.20-10.29 Discussion
10.30-10.39 Coffee break
10.40-11.39 Session 2  Diagnosis of venous diseases Moderator: Caggiati Alberto, Gianfranco Lessiani
10.40-10.49 Patterns of superficial vein reflux Maurizio Bruschi
10.50-10.59 Patterns of recurrent vein reflux (saphenous and non saphenous) Dimitrios Kontothanassis
11.00-11.09 Deep vein reflux Giuseppe Camporese
11.10-11.19 Patterns of abdominal and pelvic vein reflux Louay Altarazy
11.20-11.29 Patterns of complex vein reflux Roberto Parisi
11.30-11.39 Discussion
11.40-11.59 Clinical scenario and interactive voting system Altarazy Louay, Dimitrios Kontothanassis
12.00-12.49 Session 3 Abdominal and pelvic veins Moderator: Giampiero Avruscio Christopher Lattimer
12.00-12.09 Ilio-caval thrombosis Enrico Bernardi
12.10-12.19 Pharmacomechanical thrombolysis for acute deep venous thrombosis Apostolos Tassiopoulos
12.20-12.29 May-Thurner and other compression syndromes Athanasios Giannoukas
12.30-12.39 Post thrombotic syndrome treatment Cristiano Bortoluzzi
12.40-12.49 Discussion
12.50-13.09 Clinical scenario and interactive voting system Roberto Parisi, Giuseppe Camporese
13.10-13.59 Lunch with exhibitors
14.00-14.49 Session 4 Thrombosis ModeratorEnrico Bernardi, Apostolos Tassiopoulos
14.00-14.09 Update on new oral anticoagulant drugs Pier Luigi Antignani
14.10-14.19 Debate: controversies in deep venous thrombosis Giuseppe Camporese, Cristiano Bortoluzzi
14.20-14.29 Debate: controversies in superficial venous thrombosis Giuseppe Camporese, Cristiano Bortoluzzi
14.30-14.39 The day after we stop anticoagulation Giuseppe Maria Andreozzi
14.40-14.49 Discussion
14.50-15.09 Clinical scenario and interactive voting system Roberto Parisi, Enrico Bernardi
15.10-15.29 Lecture 2

Role of mesoglycan in the prevention of superficial vein thrombosis after superficial vein surgery

Dimitrios Kontothanassis 
15.30-15.59 Session 5 Neurovenous session Moderator: Roberta Ravenni, Athanasios Giannoukas
15.30-15.39 Neurovascular pathways to neuroinflammation in glaucoma Nicos Tsamopoulos
15.40-15.49 Update on cerebral sinus venous thrombosis Kostantinos Takis
15.50-15.59 Cerebral Venous Drainage and its impact on cerebrospinal fluid motion and perfusion Paolo Zamboni
16.00-16.09 Discussion  
16.10-16.19 Coffee Break
16.20-17.09 Session 6 Ulcers Moderator: Sergio Gianesini, Evi Kalodiki
16.20-16.29 Ulcers of the lower limbs: differential diagnosis Giacomo Failla
16.30-16.39 Update in wound care Paolo Palumbo
16.40-16.49 Venous ulcers and postural disorders Innocenzo Secolo
16.50-16.59 Elastic compression in venous ulcers Gianfranco Lessiani
17.00-17.09 Discussion
17.10-17.29 Clinical scenario and interactive voting system Gianesini Segio, Evi Kalodiki
17.30-18.29 Session 7 edema of the lower limbs ModeratoreTassiopoulos apostholos, Gianfranco Lessiani
17.30-17.39 Swelling legs; differential diagnosis Patrizia De Zolt
17.40-17.49 The role of dynamic plantar orthesis in chronic venous disease Giuseppe Lucattelli
17.50-17.59 The venous drainage index Evi Kalodiki
18.00-18.09 Venous malformation Stefano Turchetta
18.10-18.19 Update in compression therapy Dimitrios Kontothanassis
18.20-18.29 Discussion

Saturday, 24th September

9.00-10.29 Session 8  Treatment of Chronic Venous Disease Moderator: Lattimer Christopher, Athanasios Giannoukas
9.00-9.09 Tips and tricks for endovenous Laser ablation Dimitrios Kontothanassis Debate. One session treatment or multi session treatment?  Ethical, scientific or economic  approach? Steve Elias, Dimitrios Kontothanassis
9.20-9.29 Debate. Public or private practice.  Where do we stand? Steve Elias, Dimitrios Kontothanassis
9.30-9.39 Tips and tricks for ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy Sergio Gianesini
9.40-9.49 Intraoperative and postoperative complications of endovenous thermal ablation Apostolos Tassiopoulos
9.50-9.59 Definition of residual disease and new disease after venous ablation Roberto Parisi
10.00-10.09 Endovenous ablation management for venous ulcers Steve Elias
10.10-10.19 Endovenous treatment for pelvic veins Louay Altarazy
10.20-10.29 Discussion
10.30-10.39 Coffee break
10.40-12.29 Workshop
  Endovenous thermal and tumescent techniques

  • Ultrasound in venous diseases and vascular access
  • Endovenous laser ablation
  • Endovenous Radiofrequency ablation
  • Laser treatment of spider veins
Patrizia De Zolt,
Lattimer Christopher,
Athanasios Giannoukas,
Angelo Crippa
  Endovenous non thermal and non tumescent techniques

  • MOKA (mechanochemical ablation)
  • UGFS (ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy)
  • Sclerotherapy of small veins and spider veins
Elias Steve,
Sergio Gianesini,
Evi Kalodiki